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About Us

About Us

Itrade Connect is an indigenous Nigerian company, we are fully integrated into online marketing of goods and services. We connect people to buy, sell and advertise their business globally online.

Itrade Connect is the fastest growing online shopping and advertising platform in Nigeria.

Our focus is to connect people to the largest online classified ADA Company, which represents a business to business, business to customers and customers to business models.

It really doesn’t matter what you are buying, selling or advertising be it new or used, plain or luxury, common or rare, trendy or one of a kind, if you have it we will sell and advertise it for you.

Itrade is driven by passion and relentless commitment to impact the community we operate in positivity while contributing to the economic development of the country

We are passionate about our organization and the survival of SME companies by adding value to our customers business through online advertising and marketing.

Humility, hard work, integrity and customers services are our watch word, hence we are determined to keep succeeding through your patronage.

The itrade connect online store and mobile App ensures one–stop shopping and advertising platform anytime and everywhere round the globe for busy Nigeria with growing buying power.

Our network of supplier, customers and logistics span in over 3 continents of the world. Our staff strength and facilities keeps growing on daily basis.

Operating within the most popular country in African, Itrade connect started with a vision of connecting people together for the purpose of daily business, regardless of your company size, or type of business or services.

We strive to promote economic development and empower young entrepreneurs to gain great access to potential customers across Nigeria and beyond.

Itrade connect limited has affiliation with world class global brands and expect groups powered by young minds and international experience.


The itrade connect vision is to be the No 1. Business directory, providing an online platform for shopping and connecting buyers and sellers of business and services to meet, interact and connect business quickly and conveniently.

Our business is to promote trade and marketing in Nigeria and beyond.


At itrade connect, we provide reliable platform that buyers and sellers can have direct access to each other at the best affordable prices and have varieties of choices made available at every given time.

It is a platform enabled by people, powered by technology and open to everyone.


To simplify and facilitate trade and commerce among individuals and corporate organization within outside Nigeria.

Our focus is to ensure that individuals, small business and corporate organization reach their target via our platform.



Advertise and promote people's business and services

Business Directory

Hotel Reservations

Flight Tickets Bookings



At Itrade connect Ltd, our purpose links us to something bigger than ourselves.

We employ extraordinary people who are committed in ensuring our customers gets the best by impacting an individual lives all over the country. And we aspire to make extraordinary things possible for us and our customers



Our community of sellers is what sets us apart, we have sellers from all over the country and tribes. They are a diverse mix of spirited entrepreneurs who are making it happen on itrade connect to live the life of our dreams.



Our portfolios of commerce brands helps us connect people through technologies to create more opportunity for all.